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Building a Webhook

A webhook ends up looking like an API call, but in reverse. Rather than you calling the API and requesting data, the API is calling you to let you know something has happened. All services will require at least one thing: the URL, or endpoint, to send the payload to.

If you've ever built a REST API that your application or other apps use, you know nearly everything you need to get started.

Here is a sample code to get your started


Before you dive in

If you want to test the shape of a webhook before building an application to consume it, you can use a service like Requestbin

How to register a Webhook?

Once you have built your webhook handler, you need to register it with Zoko to receive notifications

2 ways to register a webhook


Multiple events on the same webhook?

Yes, of course you can register your webhook to receive multiple events.

Make sure you check the event field of the message to differentiate the messages posted to your webhook.

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